What is my Payment Gateway ID?

Your Payment Gateway ID is a number, currently six digits or less in length, that uniquely identifies a given Authorize.Net account. It is assigned upon account creation, and we will be included in any email communications generated by Authorize.net for your account, such as merchant transaction receipts, password reset notifications, successful settlement notifications, and billing emails.

To find the Payment Gateway ID on your Merchant Profile:

  1. Log into your Merchant Interface at https://account.authorize.net.
  2. Click "Merchant Profile" in the main left side menu. Find the Payment Gateway ID listed under your merchant's name, near the top of the page.

For email notifications, the location and sometimes the name of the Payment Gateway ID will vary:

  • For the majority of email notifications, the topmost line of the email will say, "Your Payment Gateway ID", followed by your Payment Gateway ID.
  • On Merchant Email Receipts, the Payment Gateway ID is listed to the right of your merchant's name in the GENERAL INFORMATION section.
  • Note that some postal correspondence from Authorize.Net may refer to an Authorize.Net ID or Merchant ID, followed by the Payment Gateway ID.
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