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One Page Checkout for X-Cart

One Page Checkout for X-Cart:     Order Now

One Page Checkout for X-Cart One Page Checkout is quick, simple, and dramatically improves the customer experience at your store by streamlining the checkout process into 1 easy step. This mod is built using modern AJAX technology which provides the customer with immediate feedback thus eliminating the need to submit multiple forms or work through multiple pages to complete a purchase.

Studies have shown that the more difficult the checkout, the more carts are abandoned resulting in lost sales. When a checkout has multiple steps, there are more chances for the customer to change their mind, talk themselves out of a purchase, or decide to go somewhere else to make the purchase. One Page Checkout makes the checkout process so simple it can be completed in less than 1 minute.

One Page Checkout is a must-have mod for any X-Cart store.

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