xCMS - X-Cart Blogs, Information, News, Articles and more!

Content Management (CMS) Package for X-Cart:     Order Now

xcms-x-cartxCMS for X-Cart is a fully integrated, full featured content management system that allows you to post an x-cart blog, information, news, articles and more to x-cart.

Our SEO optimization module, CDSEO Pro for X-Cart, has been updated to provide xCMS with all the SEO optimization tools of CDSEO including xml sitemap integration, search engine friendly urls, custom page titles, meta descriptions, meta keywords and link titles.

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Smasher Smart Search for X-Cart


If you are looking for a search engine that can search static pages on your X-Cart site or provide administrative reports of your customer's searches, Smasher Smart Search is for you. Our experience indicates when most people search products within a site, they expect to find what they’re looking for on the first page of results, or they’ll abandon the site. Smasher nearly always delivers the results people are looking for on the first page, which means more satisfied, potentially more loyal customers and ultimately increases sales. Features include Popular Search & Recent Search sections, Boosting, Promotional links, Auto suggestion of keywords, sorting the results & Filtering the results and advanced reports like search activity, navigation activity, top searches & promotional activities.

Smasher is available in two flavors with features to fit any budget:

Base Version, Price $99:     Order Now

Pro Version, Price $199:     Order Now


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Strong Password for X-cart

Strong Password for X-Cart:     Order Now

Strong Password for X-CartIncrease the security of your store through the use of strong passwords.

This mod checks, in real time, a user's entered password upon account creation and can prevent account creation with a weak password. This is great for enforcing strong password practices amoung your employees and their admin account.

This is a must have mod for every x-cart store!

Highly configurable. You can configure how long passwords must be, how important you want numeric characters to be in the password, special characters, etc. You can even have different settings for how strong an admin or how strong a customer's password must be.

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